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Beyond Blame: Challenging Violence in the Media - Educator Guide, Student Book & DVD

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Beyond Blame: Challenging Violence in the Media ties the critical thinking skills of media literacy with a violence prevention theme that meets state education standards for middle schools in language arts, health and technology.  The research-based lessons focus on deconstruction of violence-related media messages using the Five Key Questions and Core Concepts of media literacy and incorporate recognizable media clips and examples. The curriculum culminates with a production project where students create a Public Service Announcement related to violence prevention. 

The causes of youth violence are complex, but research shows that risk factors for violent behavior interact with or influence the effects of exposure to media violence.Public concern about violence in entertainment media is nothing new, nor are school-based or community-based violence prevention programs. But typically media literacy education is not among the strategies employed in violence prevention. Until now...

This curriculum:


·     Combines knowledge of several disciplines:  media literacy, violence prevention, and teaching strategies that support a process of inquiry and discovery with a research-based intervention strategy.

·     Integrates the process skills of media literacy (accessing, analyzing, evaluating and creating media information) with content knowledge on violence prevention and language arts while meeting state education standards.

·     Meets the demands of frameworks for 21st Century education advocated by leading groups such as the Partnership for 21st Century Skills and utilizes the Center for Media Literacy’s MediaLit Kit™ Framework.

·     Keeps the curriculum content consistent and fairly short so that educators can commit the time and energy to it.

·     Insures that the technology demands and teaching strategies used meet the capacity of a wide spectrum of educators.

·     Provides screened media clips for school use.


With your purchase, this curriculum is licensed to you by CML for a period of five (5) years. Your purchase of this five-year license entitles you to one (1) copy of the Educator Guide and permission to make copies of the Student Book for your class. You may use the DVD with Professional Development module and video clips associated with the curriculum in one school building. If more Educator Guides, Student Books or DVDs are needed, please purchase additional copies through the CML online store or contact us directly for quantity discounts.  For updated Rights and Permissions, visit
Package includes: Educator Guide of 10 complete lessons and Student Book in printed form, DVD compatible with PC and Mac, and Training Module. Price includes shipping and handling.  Any exceptions will be notified.


Beyond Blame: Challenging Violence in the Media has been selected by California Department of Education as a high quality curriculum for in-class and after school programs.  The CML curriculum is included in California Healthy Kids and CASRC libraries. 






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