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Spanish Translation - Five Key Questions That Can Change the World

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Five Key Questions That Can Change the World: Deconstruction is an innovative collection of 25 cornerstone lesson plans - five for each of CML's Five Key Questions of media literacy for consumers.
It's a ready-to-go resource that will help you help your students build a firm foundation in the skills of media literacy!
  • Easy-to-understand introduction for teachers on the Five Core Concepts and Five Key Questions of media literacy for deconstruction.Correlation with national educational standards in language arts and social studies as well as integration with health, math and the arts.Scalable activites from kindergarten through high school.Real-world, engaging learning for students.
  • Includes both analysis activitites and creative production projects.
  • Majority of lessons are "low tech." Some lessons recommend the use of a camera, computer screen, overhead projector, or TV/VCR/DVD.

Unlike other media literacy activity books, which typically are organized by genre (news, advertising, etc.) or topic (violence, gender, etc.), the inquiry-based lessons in Five Key Questions That Can Change the World: Deconstruction help students build an internal checklist of questions to ask about any message in any media - television, movies, the Internet, radio, advertising, newspapers and magazines, even maps and money!