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Media Literacy: A System for Learning AnyTime, AnyWhere Part 3 Tools for Construction/Critical Production - Download

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These days, everyone is a producer, yet few people learn the skills necessary to be a responsible journalist or an experienced director.  The Tools provided in this Kit help lay the foundation for producing any media, regardless of the genre used – websites, games, posters or ads – or the technology used – cell phones, computers, or tablets.

Producing media is an exciting and engaging way for students to learn about any subject, as well as about media systems and how they operate.  But producing media is about more than pressing the buttons or using technology:  critical thinking is as important in constructing media as in deconstructing it.  And so this Toolkit emphasizes Critical Production and how to teach critical production while illustrating various steps necessary in producing any media artifact.   Recommend: Trilogy Parts 1 and 2 for Change Management and Deconstruction.